Self-Serve/Create Your Own

Sage Beauty Boutique


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Chose your own 5 product routine perfect for your skin. Chose one cleanser from the following:
Reship Cleanser, Brightening Cleanser or Easy Does it.
Chose one toner form the following:
Indie Lee COQ10 toner or One Love Vitamin D hydrating Mist.
Chose one facial oil from the following:
Indie Lee Squalane oil, Ogee Jojoba Restore facial oil, One Love Vitamin C serum or One Love Calming Chia oil.
Chose one Moisturizer from the following:
One Love Skin Dew, Ogee Jojoba hydration Day Cream or Indie Lee Squalane cream.
Chose one eye/ lip balm from the following:
Indie Lee Calendula eye balm, rms Lip and Skin Balm or One Love Vitamin E eye balm. 
-$220- $250